about jean-paul

Jean-Paul Buquet was born and educated in Paris. He studied graphic design and illustration at the Atelier Met de Penninghen in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, before joining Club Med as a set designer. His assignments took him to cultures as varied as Brazil, Guadeloupe, Greece, and the Bahamas.

After years working around the world, he returned to Europe where he turned freelance illustrator for newspapers and magazines, as well as helping international companies create their internal communications.

He animated with live drawing numerous conferences and seminars for clients such as Crédit Suisse, Rolex, Nestlé, WIPO, among others. Having moved to California, he added US magazines and daily newspapers including The Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Tribune, as well as The Seattle Times to his portfolio.

However, after working with Adidas Japan during a seminar series in Australia in 1997, he took the opportunity and moved to Osaka, and has been based in Japan ever since. During the subsequent years in Japan, he has developed an appreciation and artistic collaboration which combines his French classical training with Japan’s magnificent natural beauty and unique living culture.

Jean-Paul Buquet has begun working on creating a series of illustrations that capture in his own style the beauty and harmony of the Japanese environment, both natural and man-made. His posters aim to encapsulate the peace and balance that have so seduced him from the day that he arrived in Japan, the country he intends never to leave.

パリで生まれ6区サン=ジェルマン=デ=プレのAtelier Met de Penninghenにおいてデザインとイラストを学ぶ。



さらに活動の場を広げ、アメリカではロサンジェルスタイムスやザ・サンディエゴといった大手の新聞、雑誌向けの作品を手がけるなどキャリアを重ねた彼は オーストラリアでアディダスジャパンの前身企業と出会ったことをきっかけに、 新たな挑戦の場を求め1997年に大阪へと移り住むこととなる。


中でも大塚製薬「ポカリスエット」の為に製作しTedX東京で上映された2本の4分間アニメーーションは7ヶ国語に翻訳され世界各国に渡り、イラスト作品は 大塚製薬の海外向け企業パンフレットや新年のグリーティングカードにも採用されることとなった。


世界中を旅した彼の心を捉えてはなさなかった国、日本の穏やかさと調和の心が その作品の中に表現されている。