Official G7 Poster

In September, 2016, Karuizawa City hosted the G7 Transport Ministers’ Summit.
This was the first time the Japanese Government had ever included a foreign artist’s work, which was commissioned for and featured within the official gift pack for this group of leading foreign dignitaries.
Each Minister at the G7 Transport Ministers Summit was presented with a framed print on canvas, which was personally affixed with gold stamp and personally signed by Jean-Paul Buquet.
More than 400 attending delegation staff each received a smaller red stamped print of the commissioned Karuizawa work that was included in all G7 omiyage packs.

各国の大臣にも手渡された記念すべきこの作品をこの機会にあなたのお手元に。 (※大臣にはゴールド、関係スタッフにはレッドが手渡されました。)

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